I wrote H&M’s 2016 Sustainability Report.

This report was particularly significant because it helped launch the company’s new vision and strategy. Within the document’s 124 pages, you’ll find a comprehensive summary of H&M’s approach to sustainability, as well as a thorough explanation of the major barriers to progress and a plan for overcoming them. There are also a number of ‘success stories’.

The report took several months to write, and involved working closely with the sustainability team at H&M. Our aim was to make something that conveyed the brand’s big ambitions in a realistic and transparent way.

Lucy was the copywriter of our 2016 sustainability report. Our sustainability report this year was particularly challenging because we were launching a new vision & strategy, structure and narrative. Lucy’s creativity and ability to explain complex ideas simply has been a tremendous asset throughout this process.

Also, thanks to her experience in reporting and sustainability communications, Lucy has been such a value-added in suggestions and ideas. She did whatever necessary to get things done and has been nothing but flexible and quick in her deliveries whenever needed.

It’s been an absolute joy to work with Lucy and I’m looking forward to doing so again.

– Kaying Lau, Sustainability Communications, Project Manager