Those eyes

It isn’t ‘natural’, I know,

To be this close and, bending low,

Inhale, exhale, and match her breath,

Without the glass, that’s likely death.


And yet, meeting those eyes, sunk deep,

Breathing in, out, it’s no great leap

To feel like we were born the same

And just grew up with different names.


Some daft mistake at birth, we’re told.

The glass is gone – so, feeling bold,

I step into those ancient arms

And all at once, it’s all so calm.


A heart that’s beating just like mine

Starts thumping faster as we climb.

The ropes are branches, walls are trees –

It’s not just her who’s been set free.


With our long-limbed dexterity

We eat, and rest and simply be

Together, triumphant, we are here.

And all glass walls will disappear.


What’s this? I’m gently nudged aside.

I’ve had my time on this fair ride.

But deep and true I know I can

Believe in an orangutan.

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